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From custom sliced meats and cheeses to specialty salads and hot mealtime solutions, our deli has just what you need. For large gatherings, we offer meat, cheese, vegetable, and fruit trays to your liking. So, relax and enjoy your day. We can take care of preparing the food.

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Deli General Terms & Descriptions

  • Chopped & Formed: Made from small muscle pieces, mixed with binder and stuffedinto a casing in a rounded shape for higher slicing yield and for shaving.
  • Commodity: Not injected, flavored, or spiced.
  • Cooked: Any product which has been prepared for eating by using heat.
  • Cured: Curing materials (solutions) are usually injected into the meat; they may also be rubbed on the outside of dry cured bacon and hams before being smoked. In chopped sausage products, the curing solution is added at the time the ingredients are mixed, before the product is shaped, smoked and cooked.
  • Processed: Any manufacturing process which alters, enhances or flavors the product (i.e., basting, injecting, spicing, etc.)
  • Restructured: Also called Shaped and Formed or Machine-Stuffed. Deli loaves made from strips or chunks of lean muscle, mixed with binder and stuffed into a casing in a rounded shape for higher slicing yield and for shaving.
  • Smoked: Any manufacturing process approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture which allows the term "smoked" on the label.
  • Specialty: Any product which does not conform to other categories.
  • Water-Added Product vs. Product & Water: When a product, such as ham, is labeled "and water" this means the product contains different extenders such as carrageenan or ground ham. A water-added product has water replaced after the curing process and this moisture cannot exceed 10% of the product weight. Whole or Natural Muscle: Natural shaped muscle. No manipulation or reshaping takes place. The muscle is cooked and bagged.

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