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Our ground beef is made fresh daily in our meat department and is more flavorful and lean. You can rest assured that there are never additives to our ground beef. Our fresh made patties are made out of ground chuck (85% lean / 15% fat) and are large, coming in at 1/3 lb. each.

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​Beef​ <br>Cross Rib Roast​​

Cross Rib Roast​​

Nabisco, 8 oz, Easy Cheese<br>or 12-32 oz, Select Varieties<br>Family Size <br>Snack Crackers <br>or Cookies

Nabisco, 8 oz, Easy Cheese
or 12-32 oz, Select Varieties
Family Size 
Snack Crackers 
or Cookies

Bone-In Pork <br>Sirloin Roast

Bone-In Pork 
Sirloin Roast

Frito Lay 8-9.75 oz, <br>Select Varieties<br>Cheetos or Fritos

Frito Lay 8-9.75 oz, 
Select Varieties
Cheetos or Fritos

Lay's 9.5-10 oz, Potato Chips or Doritos 10-11 oz, Select Varieties <br>Tortilla Chips

Lay's 9.5-10 oz, Potato Chips or Doritos 10-11 oz, Select Varieties 
Tortilla Chips

​​​Fresh Crisp<br>Romaine Hearts​​​

​​​Fresh Crisp
Romaine Hearts​​​

Pork <br>Baby Back Ribs

Baby Back Ribs

Idaho<br>5 lb. Bag <br>Russet <br>Potatoes

5 lb. Bag 

​2 lb. pkg<br>Carrots​

​2 lb. pkg

Boneless Pork New York Pork Chops or<br>Country Style Ribs​​

Boneless Pork New York Pork Chops or
Country Style Ribs​​

DiGiorno For Two <br>10.6-12.5 oz, or Tombstone 19.6-28.4 oz, Select Varieties<br>Pizza ​​

DiGiorno For Two 
10.6-12.5 oz, or Tombstone 19.6-28.4 oz, Select Varieties
Pizza ​​

Western Family, 18 ct.<br>Large Eggs​​

Western Family, 18 ct.
Large Eggs​​


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