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Winegars Fresh Salsa

Made fresh in store with only the freshest ingredients including tomatoes, in-season cilantro, garlic, four varieties of peppers and two varieties of onions. It's awesome!

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8 pk 7.5 oz. Cans<br>Coca-Cola <br>Products

8 pk 7.5 oz. Cans

8 pk 20 oz <br>Select Varieties <br>Powerade

8 pk 20 oz 
Select Varieties 

​DiGiorno ​​<br>22.1-34.2 oz. <br>Select Varieties<br>​Frozen Pizzas

​DiGiorno ​​
22.1-34.2 oz. 
Select Varieties
​Frozen Pizzas

​​​Boneless Beef<br>​London Broil Steaks​​​

​​​Boneless Beef
​London Broil Steaks​​​

$3.99 lb.
Carley's, 10 oz. Strawberry, Chocolate, and Vanilla<br>Sugar Wafers

Carley's, 10 oz. Strawberry, Chocolate, and Vanilla
Sugar Wafers

6 pk 24 oz or 8 pk 12 oz Bottles Pepsi <br>or 12 pk 12 oz Cans <br>Pepsi, A&W or 7UP Products 

6 pk 24 oz or 8 pk 12 oz Bottles Pepsi 
or 12 pk 12 oz Cans 
Pepsi, A&W or 7UP Products 

Fresh Texas ​Grapefruit​​

Fresh Texas ​Grapefruit​​

Fresh 3 lb. pkg<br>​Clementines

Fresh 3 lb. pkg

$3.99 ea.
Boneless Pork<br>Country Style Ribs

Boneless Pork
Country Style Ribs

$1.59 lb.
5 lb. Bag<br>​Russet Potatoes​

5 lb. Bag
​Russet Potatoes​

89¢ ea.
​Mother's 11.5-16 oz. Select Varieties<br>​Cookies 

​Mother's 11.5-16 oz. Select Varieties

93% Lean 7% Fat<br>Ground Beef​​

93% Lean 7% Fat
Ground Beef​​

$3.99 lb.

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