Winegars Colossal Fritters

Indulge in apple fritters, a cinnamon-scented treat that calls to mind Mom's best cooking. They are huge! Hand chopped never put through a machine or roller. Use Real apple chunks, Cinnamon, and cooked at a lower temperature to ensure perfection. Made fresh daily starting at 4 am.

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Farmland 12 oz. Select Varieties<br>Bacon

Farmland 12 oz. Select Varieties

​Boneless<br>New York Pork Chops​​

New York Pork Chops​​

$1.99 lb.
Fresh Whole<br>Pineapple​​

Fresh Whole

89¢ lb.
Fresh <br>85% Lean 15% Fat<br>Ground Beef​​

85% Lean 15% Fat
Ground Beef​​

$2.99 lb.
Western Family 5 Dozen <br>Large AA Eggs

Western Family 5 Dozen 
Large AA Eggs

Kellogg's Buy Two Save $2 on Milk or Fruit<br>Coupon

Kellogg's Buy Two Save $2 on Milk or Fruit

Kellogg's 10.8-18.7 oz. Select Varieties<br>Cereal​

Kellogg's 10.8-18.7 oz. Select Varieties

Fresh Whole<br>Seedless Watermelon​​

Fresh Whole
Seedless Watermelon​​

29¢ lb.
1 lb. pkg. Fresh<br>Strawberries​​

1 lb. pkg. Fresh

Western Family 6 oz. Select Varieties<br>Yogurt​​​​

Western Family 6 oz. Select Varieties

​​​Your Choice <br>Fresh Alaskan<br>Halibut Fillets<br>or Lar​ge​<br>King Crab legs​​​

​​​Your Choice 
Fresh Alaskan
Halibut Fillets
or Lar​ge​
King Crab legs​​​

$15.99 lb.
​​​Krusteaz Buttermilk 160 oz. <br>Pancake Mix<br>Mrs. Butterworth​'s ​  2 pk. 64 oz.<br>Syrup​​​

​​​Krusteaz Buttermilk 160 oz. 
Pancake Mix
Mrs. Butterworth​'s ​ 2 pk. 64 oz.


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