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Our ground beef is made fresh daily in our meat department and is more flavorful and lean. You can rest assured that there are never additives to our ground beef. Our fresh made patties are made out of ground chuck (85% lean / 15% fat) and are large, coming in at 1/3 lb. each.

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85% Lean 15% Fat<br>​Ground Beef​​

85% Lean 15% Fat
​Ground Beef​​

$2.99 lb.
​​​Progresso ​​  1​​5.25-19 oz.   Select Varieties<br>Soup​<br>Western Family 12 oz. Bag<br>Oyster Crackers​​​

​​​Progresso ​​ 1​​5.25-19 oz.  Select Varieties
Western Family 12 oz. Bag
Oyster Crackers​​​

Western Family   5 Dozen<br>Large AA Egg​s​​

Western Family  5 Dozen
Large AA Egg​s​​

Western Family   16 oz.   Sweet or   Unsalted<br>Butter​

Western Family  16 oz.  Sweet or  Unsalted

​​Local  Corn​

​​Local Corn​

1 lb. pkg.​    Strawberries​​​​

1 lb. pkg.​    Strawberries​​​​

​​Boneless Beef<br>London Broil Steaks​​​​​​​

​​Boneless Beef
London Broil Steaks​​​​​​​

$2.99 lb.
Buyers Best   20-32 oz.   Select Varieties<br>Potatoes​

Buyers Best  20-32 oz.  Select Varieties

Red and Green<br>Grapes​

Red and Green

99¢ lb.
Farm Bread 24 oz.   White or Wheat<br>Bread<br>or 8 ct. Hot Dog   or Hamburger<br>Buns​​​

Farm Bread 24 oz.  White or Wheat
or 8 ct. Hot Dog  or Hamburger

​Western Family 4 qt. ​  Select Varieties<br>Ice Cream​​

​Western Family 4 qt. ​ Select Varieties
Ice Cream​​

Boneless Pork<br>Sirloin Chops​ or Roasts​​

Boneless Pork
Sirloin Chops​ or Roasts​​

$1.49 lb.

Prices and availability subject to change in each location. View our ad to verify prices.

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