Winegars Colossal Fritters

Indulge in apple fritters, a cinnamon-scented treat that calls to mind Mom's best cooking. They are huge! Hand chopped never put through a machine or roller. Use Real apple chunks, Cinnamon, and cooked at a lower temperature to ensure perfection. Made fresh daily starting at 4 am.

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10 lb. Gift Box<br>Oranges​

10 lb. Gift Box

$6.99 ea.
Bone In Beef<br>Ribeye Roast​

Bone In Beef
Ribeye Roast​

$6.99 lb.

Boneless Beef<br>New York Roast​

Boneless Beef
New York Roast​

$4.99 lb.
Bone In Spiral Sliced<br>Ham​​​

Bone In Spiral Sliced

$1.49 lb.
​​Our Chef​ Select Varieties​ Cheeseballs​

​​Our Chef​ Select Varieties​ Cheeseballs​

$4.99 lb.
​Our Chef<br>Select Varieties <br>Holiday Salads​

​Our Chef
Select Varieties 
Holiday Salads​

$5.99 lb.
​Nautilus 71-90 ct. 1 lb. Bag<br>Medium Cooked Shrimp​​​

​Nautilus 71-90 ct. 1 lb. Bag
Medium Cooked Shrimp​​​

$6.99 ea.
​​John Morrell Bone In <br>Spiral Sliced Ham​

​​John Morrell Bone In 
Spiral Sliced Ham​

$2.49 lb.
​​​12 pk 12 oz Cans or 8 pk 12 oz. ​​<br>Bottles Select Varieties <br>Coke Products​​​​

​​​12 pk 12 oz Cans or 8 pk 12 oz. ​​
Bottles Select Varieties 
Coke Products​​​​

Cuties 3 lb. Box<br>Clementines​

Cuties 3 lb. Box

$3.99 ea.
​​2 Liter Bottles,<br>Select Varieties<br>Coke or Pepsi Products​​

​​2 Liter Bottles,
Select Varieties
Coke or Pepsi Products​​


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