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    Lays 9.5-10 oz. Select Varieties<br>Potato Chips

    Lays 9.5-10 oz. Select Varieties
    Potato Chips

    Frito Lay 7-8.5 oz. Kettle Chips or <br>8-9.75 oz. Select Varieties<br>Fritos and Cheetos

    Frito Lay 7-8.5 oz. Kettle Chips or 
    8-9.75 oz. Select Varieties
    Fritos and Cheetos

    ​Fresh Atla​ntic <br>Salmon Fillets​

    ​Fresh Atla​ntic 
    Salmon Fillets​

    Tyson Family Pack Chicken<br>Drumsticks or Thighs

    Tyson Family Pack Chicken
    Drumsticks or Thighs