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Have you ever dreamed about someone else doing your grocery shopping? Would you love to have all your groceries brought to your door, meaning you didn't even have to leave the house? This is all possible with Winegars Curbside, powered by Rosie. Let us save you time and energy by grocery shopping for you! It's easy to do, just follow these three steps:

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Winegars Curbside offers both delivery and pickup options. Can't get to the store? No problem, we'll bring it you? Our delivery area includes a 12 mile radius from our stores. We can deliver to Clearfield from our Roy location. Home/Business delivery starts at $4.99 per order with a minimum $30.

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$4.99: 0-5 Miles from Store

$7.99: 5-10 Miles from Store

$10.99: 10-15 Miles from Store

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